Napper as a solution for the public transportation community in Europe September 02 2013

Is commuting a part of your everyday life that you wish you could fast forward if you had the option? In Europe, public transportation, especially train is a widely preferred mode of travel. Of course everyone wishes to just get to their destinations quickly. Especially when using public transport in cities like London, the noise, pollution and nasty smell altogether, along with those long hours of your commute period. Who would not wish skip that part of the day.

Though we cannot make you skip through time of your commute period, but we can certainly help you make your journey more peaceful and bearable through Napper. Napper, as the name suggests is not only a product that would help you take a quick nap during your commuting time, but also creates a private space for yourself by blocking access light, noise and foul smell from your surroundings that you might find unpleasant.

To be honest, one of the reasons why I do not prefer sleeping while travelling with public transports in Europe is because I can never find peace with the surroundings. I cannot just tilt my head anywhere and fall asleep. I always need a pillow underneath my head to be able to rest for a bit. So even if my eyes turn red with tiredness or I can barely keep them open, I would rather let go of a much-needed nap than end up with a sprained neck or back pain that would not go away till the next day. Napper brings the perfect solution to my problem as well.

The Napper hood can be perfectly folded into the shape of a pillow, providing a perfect cushion for your neck and head. Therefore, if you are trying hard not to shut your eyes while travelling, because you fear you might end up with a pulled muscle, Napper can ensure a peaceful nap through your journey of prolonged hours.

If you are not too fond of napping during your commute periods, and you simply find it boring to travel, you still have many options that you can use your Napper for. The integrated headphones through the hood make the most comfortable means of listening to music or an audio book. Forget those huge bulky headphones, and those weirdly shaped tiny headphones that would never fit in your ears. Napper gives a perfect substitute by providing a pocket for your music player, with easy access to the headphone's cable.

In case you are wondering if it is easy to clean Napper, or do you need to take it to a dry cleaner. Well, do not worry. Napper can be easily washed even in your home washing machine along with your everyday laundry. The integrated headphones can be detached easily and voila, you just need to throw your Napper in your washing machine for a good spin!  

You might also be wondering if it is easy to carry Napper whilst travelling, and would you need an extra bag to carry along with yourself only to store this product while you are not using. Quit thinking about all those issues because Napper is a very portable product, it can be folded to a tiny size to fit your laptop bag pocket or any tiny space you can find in your bag pack. Like they say it, good things come in small packages!