The Napper is the All-In-One Travel Accessories Must Have August 18 2013, 0 Comments

Sometimes life calls for travel. It may not be for your own personal adventure, and sometimes it's even for work. It may not be for a long period of time and the travel may even be for a simple commute to work. Whether you need to travel on a long car pool ride, or even a car and bus trip, or simply need to take flight or ride a train to get to your travel destination, you can now enjoy the evolution of technology that caters specifically to travelers such as yourself. It's not just a neck pillow, ladies and gentlemen. Get ready to take flight into a new way to enjoy travel with the Napper.


The Luxury of Travel Accessories in One Napper

The first thing people often purchase when travel is in their near future is a neck pillow. The first thing people usually do with their neck pillow is pack it into a bag full of other travel accessories that take up their entire allowance of carry-on or backpack. That's not to mention that standard neck pillows also provide standard comfort, and that's it. The Napper takes on the desire for a neck pillow and combines it with all other kinds of travel accessories. You can curl it into a pillow, unravel it to use as a cover during a nap, use it as a music player, or create a private space that caters to your sweatshirt and other fashion accessories. Forget the 2-for-one concept. The Napper gives you the all-in-one aspect of travel accessories. 


Built In Music Player

This feature definitely deserves to have it's own category because it's a luxury that has been unthought about for too long when it comes to travel accessories. The Napper has built in headphones that connects to your music device or phone so you can relax, and rest your head back on your cushioned hoody, take a nap and listen to your music easily and comfortably. The best part is that the acoustics are extremely amazing within the Napper, but no one around you can hear what you're playing, so you won't disturb anyone while you're traveling. That's also not to mention that the Napper headset blocks out all external noise as well, which helps you listen to your music, and take a nap. The best part is that once you're done, put the player in the pocket that has been specifically made for your device in your Napper, so you don't have to carry anything around which brings me to the next benefit.


Comfort With Style

With one glance at the Napper, you can see how it is on point with the style trends. However, the style isn't the only amazing thing about this travel accessory. The material of the Napper has been custom made with material that observes the vibrations of windows and windshields, so you can sleep easily without the bumps and sounds of traveling. Since the Napper has been made specifically for comfort, the cushioned material will allow you to sleep in even the most treacherous travels, and the most unbearable seats.


Nothing to Carry but Style

Often times, during travel you have bags upon bags, and a significant lack of free hands, and the last thing you want to carry is a neck pillow that doesn't seem to fit anywhere in your already-packed bags. When your travel duration is over, turn the Napper into stylish fashion accessories. The Napper has been designed specifically to accentuate the style and trends of today's fashion, so you can turn it right into a hoody or sweatshirt that allows you to look incredible as you enjoy the luxury of not fumbling with hundreds of additional bags and travel accessories. It's all there, stylishly around your neck, and no one would ever be able to tell that you're wearing your music player, neck pillow, and other kinds of travel accessories.


Get rid of all the travel accessories, and save the hassle and just bring your Napper. You have your neck pillow, private space, reading area, music player, fashion accessories and so much more with just one item - The Napper. There is absolutely no realistic reason as to why you should pack a separate bag for your travel so that you can bring your neck pillow, music player, hoody, blanket, and all of the other travel accessories that you feel the need to have during a flight, train trip or even during a short commute.