Sleeping In Public Has Never Been Easier August 18 2013, 0 Comments

Everyone loves getting a little shuteye, and sometimes sleeping in public is what it comes down to. Whether you're experiencing your hand at travel, or you just aren't getting enough sleep due to school or work, the Napper is about to change your life when you need to try to catch up on some R&R. Now, you may be arguing that you're just not good at sleeping in public, or during travel, but that's where everything is about to change. Gone are the days of feeling awkward sleeping in public, or sleeping at work (Shhh). Common problems with sleeping in public are about to get debunked!


Awkwardly Sleeping in Public

Of course, no one expects you to crawl up on the side of the road and get some need R&R. That's just awkward. Everyone could be watching you as you drift off into your own space, with your mouth wide open, and the possibility of having drool drip down your face with the addition of sounds of snoring can be super embarrassing.... Awkward. However, when you can comfortably cover your sleeping habits with a a Napper, and create your own private space, you're able to snore and drool your little sleeping soul away!


Tired Traveling Problems

Whether you're experiencing some awful jet lag, or can't catch some zzz's on a car and bus trip, or are just darn tired and want to try sleeping on bus, or sleeping on train, or even sleeping on flight, the Napper will cater to your tired traveling problems. You can truly pull the cover over your eyes, and enjoy your private space no matter where you are, and enjoy a nap. The Nappy provides your eyes cover, so you can shut out all of the other travelings and sights, and with the additional option of having music playing, you can tune out all the noise as well. You can actually enjoy sleeping during travel, as well as prior and after if you didn't get in a long enough nap. Gone are the days of the unpleasant exhaustion that used to be inevitable with travel.


Time to Get Comfortable

If you have no problem drooling around strangers as you are sleeping in public, and have absolutely no problem sleeping through loud travel noises and sights, but find that the biggest deterrent of sleeping in public to be the lack of comfort and private space, you'll be excited to know that the Napper also provides just that as well. These fashion accessories don't only provide comfortable style within your wardrobe, but they can also be folded up into a neck pillow so you can get comfortable for your nap.


When you are just yawning to take a nap, chances are that these elements keep you awake when you're try sleeping in public. You no longer have to worry about the awkwardness of sleeping in public, the distractions or the comfort that is required to have a decent nap but that can't often be found out in public. Say goodnight to all of the common factors that keep you up and awake from napping. That idea of crawling up on the side of a road to take a nap doesn't sound so bad after all, now does it?