Take a Nap At Work August 18 2013, 0 Comments

Discreetly Take a Nap At Work to Regain Focus

Now, we aren't suggesting that you crawl up on your work desk and start sleeping at work while on the clock. However, there are a variety of benefits that come from taking a nap while on the job, and finding a quiet place to take a power nap during your next 15 minute break could potentially bring you significant productivity for the rest of the work day. Before you start looking for your next nap spot, you should also know that Napper can not only heal you from midday exhaustion, but it can also allow you to concentrate in your cubical, office or other disruptive work environments.


Sleeping at Work With a Napper

You may not want to crawl up on your desk or in the employee lounge, but sleeping at work is definitely possible with a Napper. Whether you were out a little bit too late last night, or simply enjoy the idea of sleeping at work, then the Napper caters to your needs. Although these fashion accessories do create a private space for you to catch up on some zzz's (That no one will notice!), it is still recommended that you take the time to slip off the floor or work site, and find an alternative place to let Napper work its magic for your tiredness.  The hoody can be closed so no light comes in which will definitely help with your power nap, and then it can be removed just as quickly when your cubicle buddy talks to you… Or your boss comes in.


Regain Midday Productivity and Strength

It's coming up to 2pm and you're feeling a little drowsy. It's the midday slope that everyone experiences at some point within their work day, and you can take your next break to take a nap. Sleeping at work will help you regain your strength and further your productivity throughout the rest of the day. So if you feel your brain getting a little foggy, don't opt for another cup of extra-expresso-shot large coffee. Slip into your private space in napper and take a power nap and regain your strength. The cushioning material makes it easy to sleep on any surfaces, so whether your employer lounge chairs are hard as rocks, or your cubicle corner is awkward, you can rest your head comfortably to catch some zzz's with the Napper.


Concentrate in Your Disruptive Work Environment

Whether you are working in a noisy call center, distracting cubical, or even on an outdoor job site, the Napper provides you with the opportunity to concentrate even during the most disruptive work environments. If you find that you simply can't focus with so much going on around, take your fashion accessories and turn it into a hoody and minimize the distractions around you by narrowing in your attention. The Napper will cover eyes so you can focus and concentrate more efficiently within a disruptive work environment. You can also connect the Napper with a music device so you can even further your concentration, and as mentioned previously, is you need to quickly communicate or respond to someone, you can slip the napper off just as you would with an ordinary hoody.


Sleeping at work may not be ideal if you plan on putting on your slippers and climbing up on your desk. However, a Napper allows you to discreetly slip away into a power nap during the workday so you can regain your strength and further your productivity. You can also use it to concentrate when there is way too much noise and too many distractions going on around you. As mentioned, consider your wardrobe requirements for your specific job, and the guidelines that are set for you to ensure that you use the Napper to further your work ethic, and to not get you written up for going against the dress code, or employee lounge rules.