Book Lovers Can Minimize Distractions to Enjoy Reading in Public August 18 2013, 0 Comments

There is nothing like crawling up on a blanket in the park with your favorite book, or reading on your commute to work, or opening up your latest read wherever you can. Then, there is nothing like having the noise and visual distractions from a public space keeps you distracted from enjoying your book when all you want to do is finally discover what the next chapter is going to reveal about the story. Luckily, the Napper caters to bookworms such as yourself, so you can truly create a private space for yourself to read your book in a public space.


Reduce to Noise to Enjoy a Read

The biggest distraction when you're trying to catch up on some reading in a public space is the noise. Sure, you can handle the birds chirping in the park, or the children giggling while you're sitting out on the dock, but that's not the kind of noise that throws you out of your story. It's the chatter, the laughter, the cars honking, the children screaming, the couple bickering and everything else that just seems to pull you right out of the book you were trying to get back into. The Napper has a built in headset that syncs with your mobile device which allows you to play music that will tune out the nuisance of reading in a public space. It comes inside of the hood, so you never have to worry about forgetting it. So if the sound becomes too unbearable outside, slip the headset over your ears to tune everything else out. The Napper also has a convenient pocket for your headset and devices, so you can always have them with you.


Create a Private Space When Reading in a Public Space

It doesn't matter how intrigued you may be by the story you're reading. Your eyes are bound to be distracted with the wilderness, lights, shines and sights of the public. Even someone walking by could distract you from your story. The Napper creates a private space that allows you to narrow in on your book. These are fashion accessories that are stylish and they create a hoodie that allows you to comfortably read in your own private space. The style is on point to ensure that you aren't being further distracted by weird looks of people wondering why you have a weird thing on your head. Instead, the Napper literally turns into a fashion hoody so you can enjoy private space to read.


You no longer have to restrict your enjoyment of reading to the inside of your home, and as a book lover, you will certainly appreciate the ability to indulge in your story whenever you please, regardless of where you are and the distractions that surround you.  Whether you are in a public space, during a commute, on a car and bus trip, and even in a car pool, the Napper allows you to shut out the distractions, so you can find out what the next chapters hold.  After all, you're eager and don't want to wait any longer, right?